Giant Monkey Robot
UX/UI Designer
I was hired as a UI & UX Designer for the team, I could work for:
Rock of Ages 3 Make & Break-PS4/Xbox One/ Stadia/ Switch/ PC  (Released in July of 2020)
My main role was as a UI/ UX Support for Rock of Ages 3 Make & Break (Tower & Defense), a game co-development with ACE Team (the owner of Rock of Ages series). I made several wireframes and UI elements for the level editor feature (Make mode).
Aone Games
UX/UI Designer
Omen of Sorrow-PS4/PC (Released in November of 2018)-Full time
I was hired as a UI Designer, my main role was created wireframes, mockups, VFX UI, and UI assets for its integration into of game engine (we used Unreal 4). 
Mega Cat Studios
Pixel Artist
Little Medusa NES/ GENESIS/ PC/ EVERCADE (Release in March 2018) -Freelance
Little Medusa is an Arcade /Puzzle game as an Unlicensed Nintendo Entertainment System game, this is knowing as a homebrew development. I was worked as a Pixel artist (sprite characters, main title, hud, tilemap) and Concept artist for the first sketch of the game characters, I worked only for the first version of Little Medusa (NES Version)
In Vitro Games
UI Designer/Pixel Artist
Defenders of Ekron-PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch (Released August in 2017)-Part Time
Defenders of Ekron is a Shoot em up/ Adventure developed by an indie company.
My main role was as a UI Designer, I made, chart flows, wireframes, mockups, and UI asset for its integration in the Game engine (we used Game Maker Studios), I made several Pixel art animation, VFX sprite animation, Background, and UI for a hidden  mini-game into of Defenders of Ekron called: Invaders of Ekron.
Winter Wolves
UI Artist
Queen of Thieves- PC /Mobile (Released in July 2017)-Freelance
Queen of Thieves is a  Dating Sim / RPG developed by an indie developer, this game has 3 years of development. 
I made different elements of UI for its integration only, like banners, icons, pop-ups art, button, and slot item.
Pixel Artist
Mayan Tower: Stack in the Blocks (Released in October 2014)-Freelance 
Mayan Tower is a casual mobile game similar Jenga concept.
I have worked as a Pixel artist for the mockups, tilemaps, characters blocks animation, and first UI.
I made several sprites, background & UI unused for other casual game, but wasn't released.
Pixel Artist
Nekos Jump-Mobile (Released in October 2014)-Freelance
Nekos Jump is a casual mobile game, with a gameplay similar to Circus of Atari.
My role was made enterely pixel art game, like,mockup, background, tilemap, sprite animation, characters animation, and UI.
MugHead Studio
Pixel Artist
I was hired as a UI & UX Designer for the team, I could work for two titles:

Flappy Tappy Unicorn-Mobile (2014)-Freelance
A casual game inspired by Tappy Bird game. I made entirely mockups, UI art, tilemaps, and sprite animation 
Onepath-Mobile (2015)
Onepath is an Isometric Puzzle, I made mockups, tiles maps, Backgrounds, and UI.
Led Pixel Art
Pixel Artist
UI Designer
Evilot-PC/Mobile (Released in November 2013)-Full Time
Evilot is a Tower & Defense, my main role was made Mockups, Ui asset and promotional art for cover art from Original Soundtrack.
Pixel: LED Art-Mobile (March 2013)-Freelance
Pixel Led Art is an App with a library of Pixel art animation from that a lot of Pixel artist around the world, the app sent an animation in a Led Screen to play it. I made several Pixel art animations for the Kickstarter.
Go Pharma Solutions
UI Designer
Go Pharma Solutions is a consultor of technology service for companies of health.
I was a UI Designer and Graphic Designer Freelance for differents tasks that the company needed.
My main role was to design the mockups and assets for an App intern for nurses and a web design for Sanofi Chile of its product Toujeo.
I made the web design for and some CRM (Custom Research Management) design.
About Me
I am a graphic designer which specializes in the design of UI/UX & Pixel Art for videogames, for multiple platforms: Mobile, PC & Consoles.
I have been working in different commercial projects with a wide set of skills that include User Interface, User Experience & Pixel Art with 2D animation, either as a freelancer or working for companies.
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